How to Install a Pellet Stove

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A pellet stove is a stove that burns small wood pellets, usually made of sawdust, which means they burn a by-product of wood use, and are a renewable resource, so installing a pellet stove is becoming an alternative for many people today.  It's simple to use, burns clean, and you aren't wasting trees just for warmth. Wood pellets are a good alternative to using gas or nuclear powered electricity, and it's definitely cheaper in the long run.  Let's look at the process of installing the stove.

  • The most important part to get right is the ventilation to the outside.  Your pellet stove will probably come with a ventilation pipe that you will want to direct outside.  Most people attach the pipe to the side of their home, as it is easier to do than through the roof.  If you do this, however, you're probably going to want a hood on the end to help direct the air away from the home.  This is going to be smokey carbon dioxide coming out of the pipe, certainly something you don't want in the home.  You will also need to caulk the joints of the pipe as well as you can, to ensure that it does not leak anywhere, for the same reason.
  • The stove itself should come with thorough instructions on how to properly set it up.  The fire pot where the pellets burn is set inside the stove, and there is an auger to help push the pellets into it.  A small air blower will need to be set inside the stove to push the warm air from the fire into the rest of the home.  Most modern stoves come with an electric igniter, so you don't need to worry yourself with using matches.  The stoves are typically designed on the inside to help guide you along with where everything goes.  Ensuring that the exhaust pipe is set correctly will be your biggest concern.

The process of installing a pellet stove is straight forward.  You want a fire, a fan to blow the warm air around the room, and a secure exhaust pipe.  This will save you a large amount of money over the long run.

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In this ecomony saving money is an everyday task. So when you can save money on heating by switching to a pellet stove it may be somethign to look into. Stop by for more info and reviews of the best pellet stoves.

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How to Install a Pellet Stove

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This article was published on 2011/08/19