Maintaining and cleaning a Pellet Stove

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Maintaining and cleaning a pellet stove vent is relatively easy to do if you have the right tools and instructions in hand. Over time and use the stove vent is likely to get clogged up with ash and dirt and therefore will need to be cleaned out to function efficiently. To know when the pellet stove and pellet stove vent will need cleaning keep an eye out for smoke. If the stove becomes smoky when turned on then it is a sign of accumulated dirt and that the pellet stove and pellet stove vent will need a thorough cleaning.

To start off with you will first need to find out where the pellet stove vent is located outside of your home. Consider using a brush or similar cleaning device on your pellet stove vent to loosen up all the dust, soot, dirt and debris that would have accumulated and have formed there. Remove as much dirt and soot as you can from the pellet stove vent.

To gain better access to cleaning your pellet stove vent consider using a brush with a long handle or one that can be connected to a line so that it can be sent further in to the pellet stove vent and dislodge all the dust and dirt. Once you have managed to free up all the accumulated debris in your pellet stove vent you can easily use a vacuum cleaner to collect all the dirt from the vent.

Once you have cleaned the pellet stove vent located outside your house it is time to move on to the pellet stove vent located inside your house. The best way to clean the pellet stove vent running inside your house would be to locate the connecting joints in the vents. These usually have tape wrapped around them so you simply have to remove the tape and continue cleaning the pellet stove vent.

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This process of cleaning requires the same method that was used for the pellet stove vent outside the house. Once all the dirt and debris had been cleaned and vacuumed away make sure that you refit the joints securely and tape them properly to ensure that non of the smoke escapes when you use the pellet stove. If possible wrap the joints with temperature resistant caulk as this will ensure that no smokes escapes and that you get maximum use out of your pellet stove.

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Maintaining and cleaning a Pellet Stove

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This article was published on 2010/10/21