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Heating is a common issue today. It is extremely important in cold climates and many houses often have insufficient heating or heating that is very ineffective. Many heaters today are gas, coal or electric. Pellet stove burners are very efficient heating mechanisms and yet they are often underestimated. A pellet stove is a stove that uses pellets to generate heat. These pellets are generally in the form of biomass or wood and are burned inside the stove to produce heat for the room. Lopi pellet stoves are highly efficient stoves that give you proper heating and cost savings. All Lopi pellet stoves are over the 75% efficiency mark enabling you to qualify for a tax credit upon purchase of one of the many Lopi pellet stoves available.

There are different types of Lopi pellet stoves available depending on your heating requirements. For low capacity heating the Lopi Pioneer pellet stove is the ideal choice. This Lopi pellet stove is beautiful and durable. This stove can heat up to 1600 square feet, making it ideal for small homes. One load of pellets will give you around fifty five hours of warmth. The stove is flexible with the type of venting required. You can use either a three or four inch vent for the Lopi Pioneer pellet stove.

For larger homes, Lopi offers high capacity pellet stoves. The Lopi Yankee pellet stove is one such stove. The Yankee can heat up to 2250 square feet, making it perfect for many medium and large sized homes. The Lopi Yankee pellet stove can operate for 47 hours on one load of pellets. The pellet storage container is extremely large and can contain up to eighty pounds of pellet fuel. This Lopi pellet stove requires a four inch exhaust vent. Another high capacity pellet stove offered by Lopi is the Lopi Leyden pellet stove. This pellet stove is ideal for any medium and large home. The Lopi Leyden pellet stove heats up to 2250 square feet. One advantage of this Lopi pellet stove is that it is available in two different colors. You can choose a finish in either black paint or brown enamel. The storage container in this stove is smaller than the Yankee and can only hold up to fifty pounds of pellet fuel. However, it still requires a four inch exhaust vent.

Lopi pellet stoves use natural elements to heat your home. By purchasing one of them you will also be entitled to a tax credit. You can find other residential renewable energy solutions at

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Renewable energy Lopi pellet stoves

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This article was published on 2010/10/13